Consciousness of Unity

Consciousness of Unity

Gong bath group meditation – Consciousness of Unity

As the sound meditation began, I first heard a voice saying: unity, source, unity, source… Then the voice faded and images began to flow into my mind:

I saw myself bound with ropes, pulled out by my limbs and being beaten. I have asked my Higher Self why they did this to me?! – Because you have sacrificed yourself for the others!

I realized my fault, and started to raise my vibration to a higher level. As my level of vibration rose, I drove the symbol of unconditional love, the golden sine curve, from the core of my soul, to my beaten self. The alchemy happened. My Shiny Light Being soared up high and pulled light beams from a light sphere directing it to the core of the souls of my companions who meditated with me. I saw everyone starting on their way up on the lightbeams. I saw everyone moving on their own way. There were some to be marooned and lagging behind. One of them didn’t dare to set off, so I started to pour my light and love from the core of my soul onto her. The more she didn’t want to start off, the more consciously I would secure her with the energy of love – then I felt something has changed in her! A black dust-cloud left her soul. I also saw those who were moving smoothly up on the beams. I poured my light and love upon them as well. Then I started to ascend quickly along my beam of light. Overhead a groupmate appeared next to me, we’ve been looking at each other heart-to-heart and happily. We kept on lifting higher, towards the source, while peace and love flow from our hearts!!!

This meditation has confirmed my earlier recognition of not being a redeemer!!! Though I can shed light and love from the core of my soul, and by this way I can help people – everyone on their own level – but everyone has to make it by their own, for themselves, with the power of light.

Later, after the meditation, we talked with the group. One of the meditators told her experience. As she told it, I felt my soul pulsating in my chest intensely. I realized that she was the one who walked up so beautifully on the beam of light. I got into a very intimate state, I felt I could cry from my recognition. At the end of the group conversation I went to her and told her about my meditation, while I was sheding love and trust on her. She told me that when she applies the lessons learned on the Education of the Divine Self-Awareness at home, her life progresses well. Now, in meditation, she realized that problems would come if she didn’t mark out enough time for herself. This meditation helped her to make this realization!

While I wrote my story, it ran through me, that though we are not redeemers, but with the power of our light we are able to improve the lives of both ourselves and others.

Many thanks and blessings for this beautiful sound meditation!


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