From distance

From distance

I was about to write since I finished the first level of your course (Divine Self-Awareness), I wanted to let you know I didn’t disappear. I was thinking of you a lot!

In a nutshell the events of the last weeks and months:
I am constantly starting my days consciously, thoughtfully but not forcibly wanting, I am just making requests, forming questions inside. In light of this, miracles happen to me. I am always amazed and hardly want to believe it! In each case, I’m feeling gratitude and love.

I spent 10 days with my 90-year-old Grandmother, her previous malaise was gone, I gave her herbal tea and we left one of her earlier medication. Because she no longer feels safe alone, she needs to be monitored institutionally. It was managed to arrange to be admitted to the nursing department of a hospital within a week. A day after when she was in the hospital an admission was called from a home, if we like the triple room, she can move in the next week. This has happened ever since.
I got a lot of heavenly help to do all this, whatever I wished, asked, everything worked out!!

I was in a job interview; I was called the day before yesterday to be selected from the three applicants. I will resign today. It will be tough because the situation is critical in my current job, but I trust myself and God!

Almost every day I draw strength from your words, from your lectures or from your meditations. I really need this because the stress that comes with this job exhausts me. I will work 6 hours in the new workplace for less money but it will be much more relaxed and there won’t be any overtime. I don’t care if I’m going to get paid less, I will assign as much money as there will be. My health, my life is more important!
I hug you with gratitude and love!

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