How my child teaches me

How my child teaches me

I am 35 years old and I recently managed to stop sucking my thumb. This habit was an addiction that made my every-day life really challenging and difficult. I couldn’t fall asleep without sucking my thumb, and it also happned during the day that, without noticing, my thumb was in my mouth. I tried to give up many times, sometimes with force, trying to be more conscious of it, or with the help of kinesiology, or when it really annoyed me I sat down to mediate. I tried to approach this problem form many angles and aspects, but somehow I have not been able to put an end to this matter.

My son was 14 months old when it happened that he was not willing to sleep in his own bed, only with me in my bed. He didn’t sleep well all night only very lightly, he woke up many times therefore neither him nor me managed to have a good night’s rest. I felt that the solution is that I somehow had to make him sleep in his bed again. I didn’t want to force it so I decided to use the Creative Self-awareness method. I raised my vibration level to see whether it was time to let go of my child. As I received a yes answer, on the very same day a mum at the playground told me how she managed to get her child to sleep in his bed. I thought I would look at this topic again at a deeper consious level and I would ’customise” the given advice and ideas. When the evening came I felt anxious and paralised. I didn’t understand the whole thing, because my Higher Self provided the answers, I simply had to implement them. But this anxiety didn’t go away the following day so I didn’t start to train my son to sleep in his bed.

On the third day I sat down again, I raised my vibration level and asked my Higher Self to show my where this feeling stemed from. And then I saw that when I was a baby my Mum didn’t feed me to suit my needs but to suit the rules. Which meant feeding me every three hours during the day and at night I was only given tea and not milk, yet I was so hungry. In the beginning I was crying but because I wasn’t picked up and comforted I stopped crying after a while. The outcome was that I slept through the night but I comforted and self-soothed myseld by sucking my thumb, and during the day when feeding times came I ate until I was stuffed and almost burst.

At a raised vibration level I managed to see that my Mother did this because she didn’t trust her herself, her gut feelings, she only knew and trusted these rules, and she wanted the best for me. As I recognised these things with the alchemy of the soul I released the energy of Love onto this situation and all anger and frustration started to resolve in me. With this I rewrote the past: for two weeks every night when going to bed I felt my Mother next to me as if she were breastfeeding me and a surge of energy was flowing between us and I therefore didn’t have to suck my thumb. And then I felt how we got more and more distant, a symbol of cutting the umbilical cord once and for all. During this time I got all the love that only exists between mother and child.

In the here and now the old and well-known feeling of loneliness was unblocked and released after 35 years, the need to suck my thumb stopped and the quality of my nights changed completely. I had to realise that with his sleeping problems my child signaled me that it was time I had released the blockages I suffered in childhood and that I should grow up to my age of adulthood. And, of course, at the same I managed to teach my son to fall asleep by himself in his own bed. Therefore he sleeps very well at night and he sleeps throughout the whole night. Every evening when I sing a lullaby to my son I feel the same energy surge between him and me that – with rewriting the past and releasing the blockages – I received from my Mum. This has been very touching and moving.

I would like to say thank you to Enikő for the possibility and opportunity of her method, because it has been a wonderful thing in my life.

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