Inner conviction

Inner conviction

A severe personal life crisis drove me to the path of self-awareness. Everything I had believed about the world surrounding me had collapsed by itself or by my doubts. I have encountered that almost nothing of what I believed or knew was true. I couldn’t find any trustworthy answer to the basic questions of my life. It was the Divine Self-Awareness method that had helped me to find the real answers and reach a state in which these answers became an inner conviction over the years. The principles on which the world operates and that serve as precise guidance in all life situations have had revealed themselves before me. I have solved many obstacles and recreated my life on a new basis in every level.

Everyday I try to live in accordance with the spiritual laws of the world. I truly believe that we can live a joyful, qualitative life, freeing ourselves from our physical and mental bonds. We can become able to live our life without any outer support and freely make decisions enjoying our creative power.

My credo is that we ourself can become our own lantern.

I would be glad to help you find your lantern. I have good news! It is already inside of You!


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