Lost diamonds

Lost diamonds

I would like to share with you a story about one of my best friends. I will call him Jacint.  After Jacint read a book he started to observe his life, search the root causes of his life situations on conscious level. He started self-awareness. When we met first I had built huge walls around me, I wasn’t open to people, I barely left my home. Jacint told stories about himself, about his recognitions about the way how he saw life. Despite my will I listened to him and I realized later that I felt better all the time after our conversations. He showed me how to look the bright side of life.  Finally I started the Divine Self-Awareness training with his faith, love and support. The walls started to fall down at this time.  Our shadow-personalities were recognized and let go by the soul of alchemy day by day, week by week and month by month.

Jacint’s ego resisted stronger and stronger as he recognized his shadow-personalities and his games. His ego built a gate to stop his in self-awareness. He tried to solve his problems with different solutions.

I was going on my way with the method of Divine Self-Awareness. I told my stories to Jacint, I shared my deep feelings with him, he could see my changes and he could also enjoy all my developments and joys whole-heartedly. He loved when I cried, he loved when I laughed. He loved when he could strengthen my faith.  He asked me not to be influenced by him, by not taking the way of self-awareness with me. He was always thankful for the trust when I shared my meditations with him. He refused to use the energy which comes from connection of the golden string and magenta in our Wild-Self. He solved his life situations and problems in an other way, as he did in the past.

Time passed. He had a new role and he felt something went wrong, he had headache, he didn’t feel good. I asked him to look at the root cause of this in meditation. His ego even didn’t want to hear about the golden-magenta method. After months his Higher-Self helped him. He followed his feeling: finally he did a meditation listening on YouTube and his real way was shown to him in pictures, in feelings by his Higher-Self. I was very happy about it.

I supported him with my unconditional love, with my faith and with the feeling came from my meditations. We talked a lot what helped our self-development mutually. We didn’t play any energy game; we didn’t want to solve each other’s problem. During our conversations our vibration levels were raised and we charged each other with energy.

I already knew that real solutions can be reached only by my Higher-Self on deep consciousness.

I am blessed, grateful and thankful for the moment when Jacint’s Higher-Self opened the golden-magenta for him and his shadow-personalities were transformed into light and faith by alchemy of the soul. He was surprised the way how he could put down the sorrow of the past, and the new energy passed through his body as a result of facing ego treated by alchemy of the soul. Next days I shared with him my meditations which were about the topics of “Blessing” and “Sanctity of life”. One day later he got the message of “Penance” in his meditation. I realized through his feelings how much I hurt everyone who loved and love me. I also felt how much disappointment I caused them.  Thanks to him I could experience in meditation the real feeling of “Penance” with the method of Divine Self-Awareness. Deep down in my Soul I felt there wasn’t any subordination, we are all one and we can experience true feelings in meditation. If we believe in ourselves and in each other with unconditional love, we can find the lost diamonds!


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