My Credo

My Credo

Since I started the Divine Self-Awareness Training I have started to feel that the more raised my vibration level is the more miracles I can see and experience.

I recognized that I had arrived to a very important stage of my current life by becoming conscious of: I am here, I exist and I can do something for myself in the here and now! It is a special gift that I can be part of my self-discovery.

As I redeem myself from fear with my faith, I become centered, so that I can give faith and endless love to other people.

As a chef I spread faith to others through the food I cook. I smother the food with the energy of my soul, transmitting the energy of love this way. Through alchemy as I go into the center of the Earth using the Magenta energy the wall of the magma also starts to crack. This way I can raise the vibration level of the Earth as well.

A feeling drives me to bring forth the state of unconditional love inside of me. I believe I can be loved. This love is my conviction that I can create in the here and now.

Thanks to raising the vibration level I also realized the importance of accepting the energy and its quality. By blessing and preparing my own food my vitality and zing to life has increased. I also realized that I am capable of raising the vibration level of others simply by sharing my work experiences. It gives me joy and happiness to share the miracle I represent, my calling, my credo with anyone I meet.

Blessings and thanks so that I can be myself.

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