My first independent initiation

My first independent initiation

During Creative Self-Awareness training I open myself and I get closer to my real Self, and one day a miracle happened in my home: my Higher-Self initiated me. By this my spiritual rebirth happened.

Process of my initiation: an arm extended a shiny baby to me and actually I was this baby. I put this pure, transparent baby into my wild self, and I grow her my today’s age. My Higher Self opened the energy for helping me to get rid of my shadow characteristics and shadow personalities.  At the same moment when I get rid of my shadow personality one after the other, the alchemy of the soul transformed them to light. The new quality of energy derived from the transformation of my shadow personalities, flowed to my wild self. Got things rolling very rapidly indeed, if movie were it would had been over, there weren’t more shadow personalities!
As it was over, I was raising up and up in a tubular channel. Energy space of my Wild Self expanded. I arrived on a different energy level, holy; uplifted energy flowed here I had never felt before. Oh my God, it was a miracle. I arrived home. There was no grief, no sorrow, no fear, no doubt, only endless love, real happiness, satisfaction, peace and harmony. I will never forget this feeling! I arrived to Light! I connected to my helpers in triangle shape and the energy flew among us.

Members of my family appeared as next scene: my relatives, my friends, my acquaintance, unknown people and I shade the pure energy to them.  We became one and we were flying.

After all, an unknown voice told to me: “you would get whole knowledge here”
With this sentence my initiation is ended, it became clear to me I reached my personal development  on certain level, the life starts for me now.

Thanks for everything Enikő, thanks for waking up my sleeping soul so I can open and access the promise I made at conception.


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