Without preconceptions

Without preconceptions

I met one of the most influential person of my life during a party. He was very into me. Since it was nearly dawn and I wanted to leave, I gave him my number. "If he does not forget it while drunk, it is worth a date.” He did not forget. Not much later he sent me a sms on the way to Germany. The beginning is a usual story; I try to keep it short. But eventually it turned out that it is by far not a usual dating.

I sensed that something was wrong. It felt like eating your favorite food and suddenly realizing a strange taste, which is not supposed to be there. We met very rarely but enjoyed talking so I learnt his life very fast: he was a drug, alcohol and sex addict.

First I was very angry, I felt deceived. Since I had been involved in self-understanding for a while and had been using the method of Divine Self-Awareness to understand my life situations, I digged deep this time, too.

For the first time in my life I managed to see the Human being, the Light, the Shining in a person without wanting to change him. I accepted him the way he was. I was happy for everything which was given by the moments. I did not feel lesser; it felt like having a door opened in me. A door without judgments. I did not torture myself or him. I was certain we had something to do with each other, I could keep my ego out. I knew that this relationship had its place in my life, I had asked for this experience. I learnt that there are so many different types of human relations. It is up to us what we see, learn and how we value them.

After our summer romance we hardly met then he left the country for a longer period of time. We did not contact each other. When he came home to visit, we always bumped into each other "accidentally”. It went on like this up to the point when I managed to put all the puzzle pieces to their places with the help of the Divine Self-Awareness method and released the energy blocks. My inner change resulted that he finally was brave enough to share his feelings, what I meant, still mean to him.

I know that all of us travel on different roads. This was an important phase of mine because I started to see, feel, and understand things unknown before. My life became richer with the Divine Self-Awareness method.

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