Change of Dimensions

Have you ever thought about the reason for the change that is taking place on the surface and inside of the Earth? As you + I change, we alter the vibration of the Earth. As soon as the "work" takes place in us, the past of ourselves is dissolved, it becomes visible in the substance of the Earth, on the surface and in the fruits of flora. As we purify ourselves on the astral and through every dependent attribute, existence and light transform accordingly, to proclaim: in the new dimension, in the new world, man is no longer a captive of matter and the polar mind but lives clearly being aware of his Creative power. His soul soars freely with his true happiness, uniting within himself all that he has secretly carried in his true-self. The dimensional change of the Earth is a change in the level of human consciousness. A change in one’s consciousness level is the change in the dimensions of the Earth.

The purpose of human existence is to know oneself through experiencing. One comes to experience how the creative power of the soul and the light of the Spirit can create and materialize in the helpless matter. Through the acquired experiences one gets to know oneself that changes one’s consciousness. The change in human consciousness affects Earth materials because the human body is the matter of the Earth.

It does matter what a person identifies himself with, what he believes in, what his values are. If one surpasses the closed world of his mind at an elevated consciousness level his perspective changes, he recognizes the real values within himself, by the universal knowledge recognizes the intentionless act without cunning and any hidden interest, and then on the high vibration of emotion, kindness, respect, self-esteem, universal love, and the belief of his lovability.

The one who is led by the survival program of the mind’s fear and has not recognized the One, who is the Creator in him yet and that he is lovable at every moment, identifies himself with the world of illusion. A world that is built on untrue values is nothing more than a treadwheel sustained by the power of the mind to ensure its survival. The world of the person, is of a different quality, who renouncing the power of the ego, can say: "May your will be my Higher Self!", in whom the feeling of universal love, acceptance, release, and forgiveness have already opened, who recognises the possibility and method of releasing fear. His world already follows the real values, the new dimension of his own existence thus lives a quality life.

And what happens with whom, and what does the dimensional change mean to someone? In line with the above described, based on the law of resonance, what happens to everyone is what they believe in, what they identify themselves with.

The infinite dimensions of my existence here opened in 1997, when I stepped on my path set by the Divine plan. The Creative Intelligence taught me, showed me future images of the road lying ahead of me, and what kind of changes humanity and the material quality of the Earth were going through. I saw my place within it, my task for which I came, and I asked for this human fate. A lot of things unfolded in these "movies". There were things that took years to my mind to absorb, process, and understand. A large percentage of the projected images have already been realized. It showed the acceleration of the development of life on earth and the change in the quality of life, and that all this happens in accordance with the principles of energy laws and works inevitably.

From 1997 I have received the teachings and initiations day and night in a sort of "commando" training for several years, during which I reached the Source, the great Truth of Life to see through the primal cause what is real and what is unreal.

I recognized the quality and working mechanism of the two energies of human existence. One is the existing reality, the universal love, the faith of our lovability, which is Life, the Creative Power, the Light, whose shadow is the other energy, the energy of fear, that is merely a tool for a survival program and appears here on the material of the shadow world. When a person does not believe in his lovability, his fear starts his survival program at a low energy level by the means of the ego. Man can drive his own destiny with either of the two previously mentioned energies, and if he realizes this, he can choose by his free will. He can change his dimension of existence so he can control the events of Earth's dimensional change by releasing his own fears.

Although I already knew the laws of energy I still "had" to wait many years for what the Creator hid in my soul as a code to make a new world finally become a reality. The time has come! My service has been completed and fulfilled, from now on I will carry out my mission in a different quality standing up for it, saying it, and not being afraid!

I came to break through fear so that the Light living in man can wake up and so can remember what he has promised himself during the interlife. 

I have come to work on the creation of a new world, to live a human life of a new quality. Where Man can live clearly in awareness of his Divine being, knowing what alignment with others means. By giving up the games of fear, he does not take his energy from the other person but receives it from his own Source, the power of universal love, and lives his life in the vibration of harmony.

I have come to show, to give, such a quality of existence where intentions, principles, or power struggles are absent because merely the love, that does not want, is not selfish, does not possess, does not blackmail but flows, acts without intentions, only for itself, for love, for existence, for Life, for the Divine quality of oneself and the other is enough.

I have come to love, to give joy and to show how everyone can open all this within himself to eliminate pain and let his steps led by universal love.

I have come to convey what lives on the primal cause, on my unique code, to fall upon all those who have agreed with me in this in the Divine Plan. The unique code of the chosen crowd lives in my true-self, and if "He" sends them to me, the Creative power of the faith of my true-self helps the individual to recognize the path of his mission or the way of his service.

I have been doing this since 1997, opening my soul, giving the message encoded on the primal cause, if the individual has asked for serving others and has not fulfilled it yet, I show how to open and shine his hidden light in his field of specialty that lives in him as a promise. If someone has arrived on a mission and has not woken up yet, I will wake him up, or if someone is already awake but has stepped back or stopped, I will help him to head towards it when the sign arises. I will draw one’s attention to the fact that crowds are assigned to him because his knowledge is special, has been selected for a particular "task", he should pay even more attention to the signs because if his life situations are very tough, he has already "over stalled” the times. Step into his core so that by opening the ancient sprout, his unique code, the flame of his knowledge, the Divine vein could fulfil its mission!

As a tool for all of this I received and give the fear-redeeming energy, "magenta" that I opened with my special abilities in 2000 together with 12 helpers as part of the Divine Plan. Magenta: the means of spiritual intelligence, the key to dimensional change. By using it,, Divine Self-awareness was born as a new method by which firstly I redeemed myself, and then those whom the Creator has sent and has been sending to me, from their fears and shadow-qualities. It is a wonderful process, a wonderful quality change as the alchemy of the soul, the Light transforms its shadow, the fear, into the vibration of reality, into universal love, into the belief of our lovability.

My dimension of existence has thus already changed and is always changing, just like that of those who have been working with magenta in the core of their souls for years.

In my self-development, I reached again a goal on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2011.

The Force was given, and I got a small team to expand the consciousness. I “left” again, as I have done so many times before, to fulfil my service in the Plan of the Infinite Intelligence. Separated from my body, I transported my Light beyond space and time, to be enlivened by God in the dimension of existence where I needed to perform the task I was given. By opening the sphere of the ecliptic's vibration, the Creator has shown the misery of human existence and life over the thousands of years of Earth's history, how men have ruined each other's destinies through the term of sin.

On my current readiness level, I conveyed my treasure, the feeling of love that accepts, releases, and forgives human sins, the sacredness of the light, to prove that such a person exists whose soul is no longer distorted by the sight of sin. I could do this because by the power of universal love, the Light already operates every sphere of my life. (Thus, my many trials, which I have received for many years, have once again gained meaning, to prove that I have no intention towards anyone, even if he has done something against me, since with the feeling of universal love I accept, love him in a releasing and forgiving manner.)

This is how the Creator was able to use my current skill level to fulfil His Plan for the new future of humanity, where the darkness will end for good, because there will no longer be a place for the feeling of sin, the concept of sin in the new world, in the new dimension of existence. Human existence gains a new meaning, lives on with a new set of values, with ORDER, with universal love. Because where man has become aware that He is the light of the Creative power of universal love, he acts in a releasing manner, becomes respectful of diversity, becomes forgiving, and is aligned with others.

He "ran" through my unique code with the power of the grace of the Holy Spirit to bring back the Light of the new world and give it to all those whose soul's light is prepared and trained for the new world. They Are the chosen ones, that is YOU, Whose Destiny will be fulfilled on the holiest vibration of the Light, on the feeling of universal love. I have come back, and I do my work, live my Destiny, my light shines on matter and I give what I "must" give to human souls when they need it and they ask me for it.


The beginning of the new dimension of existence, a higher level of consciousness. “My good fortune” led me to Oman, where I walked the sand dunes of the desert beyond space and time, to where the Light is Lord, to fulfil my mission. The dimensional gates opened on the vibration of the “other side”, and connected in the timelessness of the past, present and future to start the flow of the new energy quality. Continued by:


America, Portland, where once again, on the vibrations of the Light, I continued my mission beyond space and time. One end of a imaginary scale was Oman, while now, in the Americas, in Portland, in 2016, I opened the infinity of the universe so that the forces could balance the other end of the scale. The tip of this scale is the Carpathian Basin. By opening this dimension, I have once again carried out the Creator's plan.

2016 - 2023.06.24.

Every year is another step, my consciousness expands, my knowledge grows and has been growing in different ways. This knowledge shows its universality and the lawfulness of the mechanism of energies by following the real value system.

As the soul refines, the result will always be recognisable when and where the time is right.

Starting from 2018, I have opened the universal knowledge of Divine Self-Awareness in people for five years, in the form of education. They, too, have become capable of walking through the dimensional gates of their existence and get sense of what their own reality is.

I have been traveling to different parts of the World for decades. The great distance gives me the opportunity to see in a different light all that is left at home: the life situations, the different states, and above all the tendencies, the games of the people close to me. Therefore, after coming home from every trip, I can give up habitual circles, fixed situations, let go of people, take a new path, start over. The spiritual (spiritual-intellectual) quality change, the dimensional change of my existence, is thus projected onto the physical sphere of matter along the space-time line.

In the year of 2023 the time has come to harvest the fruits of the journey taken. Those who for many years, for decades, have walked into the core of their soul as a source, which is the place of Divine origin, from where the power of reality flows, have reached in their development a readiness level to recognize what is real and what is not. Their soul like a compass is pointing to the shadow-qualities that clouds their joy of being here. They also became straightforward in their recognition that in order to achieve the goal they have set for themselves, they must first open the light of their reality. The opening of their existence’s dimensions, the expansion of their consciousness is the new direction of their lives. The narrow vision of fear, the existence led by fear, as the ego’s survival program, could end.

By going and looking deeper into myself I gain faith in the new direction! This is how it happens to everyone who finds oneself because they know themselves!

Work on Your own dimensional change to purify your soul and spirit so that you can Live Your Life in your true joy!

Thank you for my life, God!