I was born in 1953. I was brought up in a loving family; was very sensitive, sympathised with other’s sufferings. During my teenage years I started to meet with signs and opportunities to open up my spiritual talent. I was more afraid of them than aware of them since I was lacking their full understanding.

Back then there wasn’t anybody around me who would have able to help so I closed down on my opening talent.

Many years passed with playing games in vain, struggling with the ego before I asked myself: Why do I really live? What was I born for? What is my task in this world? What kind of force drives me? It is not possible that life holds only this much for me. Naturally, answers weren’t able to be given neither by myself nor by people around me.

I lost everything I had to experience series of convulsions, due to this I could do only one thing: to go to my inner self. I started on the inward, bumpy road to self-awareness to find answers to the questions in my soul. Some were found but real answers came in April of 1997 when I met the Light and my spirituality has opened.

The direction, meaning and quality of my life have changed. I have found my way home.

Via my talent as a medium my faith got stronger day by day. The Universal Truth and Law were transmitted by me from the Source. These teachings were built (upon) the unconditional love for thousands of years. As my esoteric capacity is widened inside of me I gave it to the people as clues.

24-hours long initiations and teachings challenged my body, my soul and my spirit. Marvelously I found helpers for my work, for survival and for my development. Today I describe my first three years as military training.

As later found out May 2000. was the time set for me to free the fear-redeeming energy called Magenta for the mankind from the centre of the Earth.  That was the point when my unique method the Self-Divine Awareness was formed: to open the wild self, the core of our soul via increasing vibration level utilising the energy called Magenta. This method helps to release fear blocks in people, to create quality life and to aid the dimension shift on Earth.

Challenges in the last decades made unequivocal that there isn’t any question which can’t be answered from our own inside. Through teachings, initiations, releasing blocks of thousand’s colourful souls, I have become united with the method with the Self-Divine Awareness.