I was born in 1953. I was brought up in a loving family. When I was 17 years old I could have stepped on the path of my calling, I received signs several times and the opportunities to open my spiritual abilities, but with my skills at that time I did not understand what I should do, I did not know how to handle this special talent, so I quickly sealed it with my doubts and fears. Nothing else was left for me, but to embark upon the path of experiencing many decades-long ego-games.

Having learnt from the many games, at the age of 44 I reached a stage when I was able to clearly declare: I have had enough of the survival programme of the ego, the mind games, the several fear-driven role plays!” In 1997 fate was kind to me and I was given the opportunity once again to freely open my promised calling, my medium talent. I was already aware of my creative power with many decades of life situations, gained experiences behind me so my faith was complete that with my opening spiritual talent would accomplish the promise made in my soul!

As the light opened in the core of my soul, in my true-self, I could experience my reality, I became aware that "I have arrived HOME!". My true self-awareness began by opening inner certainty, security, the power of peace, faith in that I am lovable and the ability of my Divine talent. Through my encounters, I got rid of many, many shadow-qualities I went through many, many initiations, and then I became who I originally was: a knower of myself, a proclaimer of self-awareness. 

The ancient Egyptian knowledge and symbol system learnt in my previous lives, and the energy of those initiations opened in my true-self, from which I created an independent method called DIVINE SELF-AWARENESS. Although the previously mentioned knowledge is the root and basis of this method, all of this could only come to the surface from the core of my soul, because in my current life I went through all those life situations from which I learnt many things, I transformed my insights into wisdom, and I said a conscious “yes” to this wonderful service. 

I transmit from the Source where the unconditional love based universal truth and law  serving as the basis of thousands of years of doctrine  was formulated and has been formulated ever since.  

During my spiritual journey, I have visited many places around the World, where I was invited to open their true-self, have written several books, have made annual calendars, CDs, lectures on YouTube, meditations, the theme of which is the importance and wonder of self-awareness. It was opened many, many years ago in my true-self to create a company where we can promote self-awareness as a group and wake people up. In my self-development, I reached the point in 2012 that the old promise I once made to myself could be materialised under the name Unity Center. Another result of the long journey of self-awareness is the formation of an enthusiastic team Who consider self-awareness to be the goal of their lives. And since Divine Self-Awareness has been open in them for many years, they have helped in the background with the Divine Self-Awareness course, which started in 2018. The basic goal of the course is that I can open Divine Self-Awareness  as universal knowledge  in the true-self of people, so that they can recognize the light of their reality, the arsenal of infinite possibilities of the Divine talent, as an ability to experience the state of unity in faith of their lovability. The feeling of joy, peace, happiness, as a state of unity, is inherently embedded in us, we have sealed it, we have buried it, we just need to remember it, but first we must wake up. The first step is raising the vibration level, confronting the shadow-qualities, the alchemy of the soul in the fear redeeming magenta energy so that we can use the released new energy to become the conscious Creators of our lives, to move forward with a new outlook on life, standing on inner conviction, self-confidence, and self-esteem. 

We are all looking for the peace of our soul, the feeling of our real joy, so that we can soar freely on the high band of consciousness and awareness of our Spirit, create with our Creative talent, so that we can fulfil our task and promise in the Divine plan. 

With my free will, I woke up once, ever, now I wake up all those who promised themselves to find out WHO THEY REALLY ARE! 

I have already taken this step; You can live with your free will too!