My Credo

I believe with all
my heart that
the power of our
soul is the verb itself,
the „material” of feelings,
the ground of experiencing,
the reason of existence.

I proudly declare that every human being is joy itself, the Creative power of faith, a lovable Divine creature, Who was born into this world with a predestined mission embedded in his unique code to be realized by the Creative power of his faith. There is no mandatory suffering or pain unless we want it that way.

My mission is to help those who have
the promise at the core of their souls
to open Divine Self-Awareness
in them: to increase
their vibration level and
make their ears open to inner
voice, to point out the harmony
living in their hearts, to make their
eyes open to inner sight, to help them
learning by sharing my own experiences,
to raise their attention to the right of free will,
to open up the true-self, the source of inner joy, for
alchemy, to show them the possibility to return to the real values
of life, to help women open their spiritual talents, their enormous
capabilities to make them discover the sanctity of their feminine
qualities: the queenly essence of their body, the priestess
knowledge of the core of their soul so that the eternal
spirit may live in them fully as a Goddess; to help men
open their spiritual talents, enormous capabilities to
make them discover the sanctity of their masculine
qualities: the royal essence of their body, the
priest knowledge of the core of their soul
so that the eternal spirit may live in them
fully as a God. The sanctity of human
life, the love of life, the image of the
holy family as real values and 
credo are part of my life.

For those who have set themselves the task of carrying out their profession and living their lives with the talent of their unique code but are sealed because of the multi-generational roles and patterns brought from their roots, from their parents, I will show how they can release and get rid of them.

I am glad to announce that there is no such suffering that we had asked to experience without a reason. I will show how the power of the ego can be directed towards higher goals and transformed into the Creative power of love through the alchemy of the soul. Since nothing is made from nothing, only something comes from something, the power of our ego gains a new purpose as it transforms into a new quality of Creative power. The new quality energy gives us the opportunity to separate from the fixations and games of the past, to start a new and to fulfil the promise living in our souls.

It is also hidden in my code that I surrender all the cells of my physical body, the vibrations of my soul and the dimensions of my spirit to the goals ordered and set in the Divine Plan, so that the Creative force within me can realize its Plan: as, for example in 2000, when I opened magenta, the fear-redeeming energy to humanity. 

These are such life situations and goals that are mostly incomprehensible to the human mind. Opening to unknown dimensions, leaving the body can be accomplished by the Creative power in me "merely" with the power of my faith. To be able to credibly proclaim the energy laws, I must "personally" experience and transfer the teachings from the source.

In addition to what is listed above, my duty is to show you how you can transmit the feeling of the reality of your soul, the lovability of yourself, silently, relying without thoughts, so that your soul will open its own truth once and for all, reveal the essence as a ripe fruit, that is your treasure, Your real knowledge, which makes you unique, because it is YOUR KNOWLEDGE, and so you can see it together with me, because:

you reveal
your self-image,
your real joy,
your past lives, your own healing power,
your artistic propensity, spiritual abilities,
your unique code, profession, the real spiritual causes of your illness,
the talent of your business enterprise, the causes- and effects of energy laws,
the acceptance and respect of the material, the possibility of sacred lovemaking,
the reason for your relationship with money, the
real reasons behind what is happening to you,
how to make your life successful, the signs and
messages in the happening events, the real meaning
of the symbols in your dreams, the roots of your repeated life
situations, the answers to your why-s in interpretation of universal reality.