My method

The basis of the DIVINE SELF-AWARENESS method are the gathered knowledge and initiation codes from my previous lives. Like the ancient Egyptian knowledge and symbol system and the energy of those initiations. Although the above-mentioned knowledge is the root and basis of this method, all of this could only come to the surface from the core of my soul, because in my current life I went through all those life situations from which I learned many things, I transformed my insights into wisdom, my shadow-attributes into the universal- forgiving, accepting, and releasing - love and I said a conscious “yes” to the service of helping people. 

The essence of the  DIVINE SELF-AWARENESS  method: increasing our vibration level, that can be reached by connecting the energy of the Sun and the Earth in our true-self. The golden string of the Sun represents the energy of the unconditional love, which is a masculine yang energy and the core of the Earth, represents the power of fear-redeeming energy, a feminine yin energy called MAGENTA, when these energies are connected in the true-self, in the core of the soul, one’s vibration level increases. 

The magenta is a neon-vibrating, indigo purple, deep purple power: the tool of the spiritual emotional intelligence, key for the dimension change, power to face ourselves, power of self-awareness. I opened it for the humanity in May of 2000. The magenta energy helps to release the fear of a person being afraid of facing himself, because he thinks, if he finds any mistake inside of him, he will be ashamed. 

If we open the true-self with the energy of magenta together with the energy of the golden string of the sun, where the ancient power is, which is the creative power of our belief, than we are able to release the fear of losing face, old blocks, games, roles, shadow characteristics, ego tools, practiced patterns, fixed ideas. 

Connecting the two energies mentioned above with the Divine Self-Awareness method raises our vibration level, thus we can step out of the world of fear, games, routines, shadow-personalities, i.e. our fears. That’s how we can get to the Source in ourselves, the core of our soul, where our unique code is, the code that we carry in our true-self opens up. This way we realize who we are, what we had promised to ourselves etc. 

Our true-self is the core of our soul, 
our unique code, our real I, the unity of the soul-spirit, the creative energy, the essence of the life. It is placed in the point between the heart chakra and thymus. It contains every moment of remembrance, it is the empire of all knowledge, the inner confidence, the secureness, the self-confidence, the respect of our uniqueness and unrepeatability, the most holy vibration of the light, the universal love, the holiness of our LIFE and the belief that we are loveable. 

Our true-self – our ancient unity – keeps the remembering of our thousands previous lives, which gives the bases of our current life. It contains the way of letting our shadow-characteristics, the consistence of cause and effect, the whys of our karma, our real occupation and all the answers to our questions. Our true-self is the place of fearlessness, so there is nothing to shadow when we are facing ourselves. When we are on a high vibration level the fear and the doubt disappear and we can get rid of our old routine. 

When we open our true-self in meditative state, on high vibration level; we can see those features which blocked our self-confidence, which kept us away from living our life with joy and happiness. We always reach as much recognition as we can comprehend at our current level of consciousness. It is when we realise how our thoughts, our feelings operating on the astral, the quality of attributes living in us determine every moment of our lives, how we call the outside world as a mirror like a magnet at our readiness level. 

As we face ourselves, our shadow-characteristics, our roles and fixations gain forgiveness and release simultaneously. The power of the ego above our real self, decreases step by step with the same speed as we release our shadow-characteristics like the onionskin degrade. This is the ALCHEMY OF THE SOUL. This is how the core of our true-self disengages from the heavy weight of the fear. 

After transforming the executive, blocking energy of the ego, we get new creative power, new future vision and a new personality. The power which worked against us up till now, with the transformation, with the new creative power attracts the entirety and joyful life situations. 
The greatest power is needed to know ourselves. To live as a spiritual adult, we cannot avoid the confrontation with ourselves. 

Using my method, self-awareness can be practiced by everybody in every time and everywhere. Everybody can repeat and do the learned method alone at home and, he can add his own speciality to it with opening his own unique code. This is how the Divine Self-Awareness can become everybody’s own special method and with it the person can grow up to a free spiritual adult who can be self-dependent. 

The Divine Self-Awareness method enables you to:

– joyfully experience your feminine/masculine quality
– not only survive, but even process your lovesickness, 
– forgive yourself the real cause of your sense of guilt, 
– resolve social integration issues of your children, 
– get rid of the feeling of vanity and lethargy, 
 – release your dependency on your parents, 
heal emotional injuries from their divorce, 
– release the pain of losing your parents, let go 
   of your unforgiven hurts, judgments, sense of guilt, 
– unbind suppression resulting from childhood abuse, 
– find the universal solution for disputed issues of your businesses, 
– to put the boss/employee relationships into the right place, 
– process the pain that you were born a girl/a boy (other than expected), 
– find the real answers for your pregnancy symptoms as an expecting mom, 
– transform the bad relationship with your siblings into a loving one, 
– untangle the roles people play in your love relationships, 
– settle financial problems according to your real values, 
– reveal the root cause of infertility and childlessness, 
– process the trauma of being an unwanted child, 
– explore the reasons for your lack of orgasm, 
– release the karma resulting from abortion, 
– find universal answers for your questions 
and use alchemy to explore your 
shadow-self with your 
Creative power. 
This will reveal your 
spiritual skills and abilities 
that had  been dormant and hidden in you, 
you learn to interpret the real messages in the signs 
that are happening to you, universal laws, your real joy, 
your vocation, your previous lives, your unique code, 
your creed, the right connection to money, 
how you can make your life successful, 
the real meaning of the symbols 
in your dreams, 
the root and the reasons 
of your repeating life situations,  
your Divine business talent, your artistic inclinations, 
the spiritual causes of your illness, the cause and effect of energy laws, 
the acceptance and respect of what is material and that You are lovable. 

I am available and happy to assist you if you are  
involved in anything above.